Jill Day, CDA Jill moved home to Omaha from Seattle after serving in the U.S. Navy as a Dental Tech. She was surprised, and shocked, to discover that there was not an agency doing placement services in Omaha!! And helped RJ Solutions take a leap of faith that other dental assistants and dental auxillaries were going to see our services as a tool to keeping and finding a great dental office or clinic to be a productive team member of. As a Burke High Alumni Class of 86′ and lover of Nebraska Football finding family time is important to her. Having… Read Article →

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If you are thinking of starting a home business or already have a home business, you have probably found yourself overwhelmed, having been inundated with resources on the internet to assist you with growing your home based business, the reliability and relevance of which you are uncertain of. IAHBE, which stands for International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs, has become widely recognised as one of the top business resources available for home business owners.  It’s focus is on propagating businesses through the use of the Internet, operating as an online website  for Internet Business minded people with a passion for finding… Read Article →

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There’s nothing like waking up to a cup of fresh-brewed coffee early in the morning—warm, rich, and inviting you to rise and start the day. But there’s no reason to go out to a coffee shop and pay extra when you have our fantastic selection of stove top coffee and espresso makers to make your own each morning. Whether you prefer the strength of espresso, the taste of coffee, the soothing nature of tea, or just some smooth hot chocolate, our stove top products will make it easy to make your favorite drinks. Our single… Read Article →

If you ask “What is a qualified lead?” to three different people in your company you will probably get three different answers. For example, one definition is: individuals or companies with the intent and means to make a buying decision in a reasonable amount of time. Or put simply, someone who is ready, willing and able to make a purchase now.[embedded content]

I park in a parking garage every work day. And at least three mornings out of five I get stuck behind “Slow Parking Garage Driver Guy”. First, let me explain how my garage is structured. After you swipe your card and the electronic arm lifts, you drive up a ramp to the first floor. At the top of the ramp, you are permitted to go only one way, right. This process is repeated for every floor of the garage. Essentially you keep driving in circles as you ascend until you find a spot. To Slow… Read Article →