Include HCG Pregnyl in your PCT drugs selection to reverse bad effect

HCG Pregnyl

5,000 iu  $30

You should include HCG Pregnyl in your PCT drugs selection.

HCG is a hormone that comes from the placenta of pregnant women. The reason that bodybuilders use it is because it is able to mimic ” actions normally done be LH and tell the body to manufacture natural testosterone by the testies. Bodybuilders need this because after using anabolic androgenic steroids and especially those that aromatize, the body can and often does shut down natural production of testosterone. High levels of synthetic or introduced testosterone in the body makes the brain shut down LH production. If this happens for too long males can get an atrophy which is when the testicles shrink because they aren’t being used. When the HCG is taken the body re starts the function of testosterone production and the testicles go back to their original size.

Getting the body to start natural production of testosterone after a cycle is critical for many reasons including the gains made in the cycle.

Having said all of that, HCG also suppresses natural testosterone and if used in really high doses or for too long a time it can desensitize the testicles and take you right back to square one. This is why it should always be used with some other estrogen inhibitor such as Nolvadex or Clomid in a stack.

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