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Initiated into the ayurvedic pharmaceutical line in 1904 by Ayurveda Mahopadhyaya late Sri P.C. Ayyavarappayya, Vaidya Vidwan Dr. Dubagunta Subrahmanyam founded Indian Medicine House in 1929 at Vijayawada for propagation of Ayurveda as a mission for life. The mission was further strengthened by his son, Dr. D.L. Narayana (Ex-Member, Central Council for Ayurveda) who teamed the traditional knowledge with technology and created a lasting base in the form of the Indian Medicine Industries.

Dr. D. Indumathi (wife of Dr. D.L. Narayana) also joined as Director (Production). Later, to cater to ever widening markets, it was converted into Imis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., and a modern plant was commissioned to provide consistent quality of medicines at affordable prices.

In keeping up with the family tradition and mission setforth by her illustrous grandfather, Dr. Dubagunta Subrahmanyam, Dr. V. Nagalakshmi, M.Pharm., Ph.D., has joined the company as Director (Technical) in 1996 to further the modernisation of Ayurvedic formulations by improving their efficacy, quality and affordability.

Commander V.V.M. Krishna (Retd.,) joined as Director in 2002 to strengthen the overall Imis set up particularly administration and marketing.

Imis products – both Sastric and Patent & Proprietory, are prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctors all over the country with confidence and trust. Imis is also a registered supplier to the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), and State Government dispensaries for over ten years.

The Imis family has established Imis Ayurvedic Research Foundation and Rajyalakshmi Ayurvedic Hospital to take the benefit of natural healing directly to the patients. The hospital has a team of doctors with expertise in the therapy of Panchakarma, a sub-system of Ayurveda. Procedures like oil massages, medicated fomentations, emesis and enemas are performed under strict supervision and the added benefit to the patients suffering from chronic ailments like Psoriasis, Paralysis, Spondylitis, Arthritis etc… has been tremendous. Infertility has also been our special area where a combination of medicated douches and oral treatment has given wonderful results.


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