The Wilkinson Group, Inc. – Vending Management, Healthy Vending

The Wilkinson Group can customize your vending program to include a wide variety of healthy vending selections using recognized programs such as Balanced for Life, Smart Spot, 500 Club, and the California 5 a day Workplace Program.

As with every industry,
the vending industry is

in a constant state of change. New products
and technologies combine to provide today’s demanding consumer with a reliable source for their daily nutritional needs.

The Wilkinson Group, Inc. is a national organization that assists clients in making more knowledgeable, effective and profitable decisions regarding refreshment services, (i.e., vending, cafeteria, office coffee, etc.), that will be used by their employees and/or customers. With over 40 years of specialized experience in the various service segments.

The Wilkinson Group’s services change the balance of power that traditionally favors the vendors in the negotiation process; and, thereafter, manages the oversight responsibilities that protect the client’s financial and operational interests throughout the term of the service contracts.

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