Knowing and flying blade helicopters

IMG_0920The 450 3D RTF, mCP X v2 BNF, 130 X BNF, 300 X BNF, 450 X BNF, 550X Pro Series kit, mQX RTF Quad Copter, SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF are some of the many units that blade offer to RC enthusiast. If you are wishing to own two or more of those blade helicopters, it is a must that you have a little background on what an RC helicopter is.

Defining RC Helicopters :

The “RC” in RC helicopters mean radio-controlled or remote-controlled. They are model aircraft that are controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter. Radio frequencies are used to operate the helicopter unit thus eliminating the use of wires, which, were traditionally used to connect the controller from the unit.

 Blade radio controlled helicopters are distinct from RC airplanes because of the differences in their construction, aerodynamics and flight training. There are different designs that one can choose from. Some designs allow for greater movement of the aircraft while some do not. It should be noted that the more flexible the unit is, the more aerobatic capabilities it has-but very difficult to operate.

Like the real helicopters, RC units can hover or fly backwards. The thing that an RC unit can do but not the real helicopter is to fly inversely! This technique is great to master. Here, the controller/pilot reverses the rotation of the tail rotor and creates a negative blade pitch to maintain the unit upside-down.

In order to get an RC helicopter flying is simple. The controller/pilot would just have to control the collective and throttle, tail rotor and the cyclic controls in unison.

Controls :

An RCheli actually have four controls namely roll-cyclic pitch, elevator (fore-Aft cyclic pitch), pitch/throttle (Collective Pitch/Power) and the Rudder or Yaw.

When doing simple flights, the radio is configured so that the pitch is -1 degrees at 0% throttle stick and 10 degrees at 100% throttle stick.  The throttle should always be regulated with the pitch in order to maintain a constant head speed.  This is advised for smooth and consistent flight.

For aerobatic 3D performance, use the idle-up mode. Here, the collective pitch is regulated form its negative limit (with 0% throttle) up to its positive limit (with 100% throttle stick).  The throttle is actually regulated by the radio transmitter automatically in order to maintain a constant head speed. When the throttle stick is centered and the pitch is zero, the throttle is at its lowest value.  This mode allows the unit to thrust upwards and sustains the inverted flight

Buying a Radio Control Helicopter :

If you want to try out flying an RChelicopter or maybe master the inverse flight, better grab your unit now. The best brand line for you is Blade. The company has been producing quality RC units for quite sometime already and has made its name in the market. They have variety of units that you can choose from. Whatever skill you have (whether you are a novice, advance beginner or maybe an expert) in flying RCheli, the company will always have a unit for you!

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