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02/09/2006 10:35 AM
Coffee may lower risk of type 2 diabetes (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

Moderate consumption of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in middle-aged and younger women, according to a new report.

02/09/2006 11:26 PM
Edmund Tijerina: Diabetes research $500,000 stronger (San Antonio Express News)

San Antonio has long been one of the nation’s biggest money-raisers for diabetes research.

02/09/2006 06:29 PM
Fifth-graders at Live Oak screened for early signs of diabetes (North County Times)

FALLBROOK —- School district staff members and community volunteers on Wednesday began a monthlong effort to test hundreds of students for the warning signs of diabetes.

02/09/2006 06:03 PM
Obesity May Be Factor In Accelerated Type I Diabetes In Some Patients (Medical News Today)

Obesity, long known as a cause of type II diabetes, may accelerate the onset of type 1 diabetes in some – but not all – groups of younger patients, according to research at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and six clinical sites nationally.”The increasing prevalence of childhood obesity may substantially account for the younger age at onset of type 1 diabetes observed in various

02/10/2006 01:27 AM
Company Assists Low Income and Seniors with Free Prescription Medicines and Free Diabetes Testing Supplies (PR Web)

Nova Group of Memphis, Inc. adds Free Diabetes Testing Supplies and launches national Free Prescription Drug program for low income individuals, families and seniors. Free delivery. [PRWEB Feb 10, 2006]

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Eye Conditions > Diabetic Retinopathy — EyeMDLink.com

Conditions | Anatomy | Procedures | Specialties | News Home > Conditions > Diabetic Retinopathy Conditions Entire Site Eye Conditions Cataract Conjunctivitis Diabetic Retinopathy Dry …

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National Eye Institute [NEI]

…NEI, of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, conducts and supports vision research. Information..

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Complete Guide to Diabetic Retinopathy – AllAboutVision.com

Causes, symptoms and treatment of diabetic retinopathy. … Diabetic Retinopathy. By Judith Lee and Gretchyn Bailey; reviewed by Dr … This damage may lead to diabetic retinopathy. In …

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Diabetic Retinopathy Information

Retina and eye information for Tampa Bay, Florida … What is diabetic retinopathy? Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes and a leading cause of … If you have diabetic …

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Diabetic Retinopathy

High levels of blood sugar associated with diabetes mellitus can cause the blood vessels that nourish the retina to leak, indicating the onset of diabetic retinopathy. … Diabetic …

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Eyes on Diabetes – A Resource for Diabetic Retinopathy

Resource for diabetic retinopathy in Australia. Developed by the Eyes on Diabetes Forum for use by health professionals, people with diabetes, carers…

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Your Source For retinopathy – retinopathy – retinopathy.org

…Your Source For retinopathy – retinopathy – retinopathy.org..

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Latinos Prone to Eye Disease

Suffer more vision problems than any other ethnic group

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