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For every minute of every single day, there is always one person somewhere in the world that is playing a Tetris online game.

It’s simple yet challenging set of game mechanics that can still humble the best players of the world. It is a highly addicting game because it makes you feel that you can beat it at a certain moment only to see a particular set of pieces ruining your plan, urging you to play some more.

Its popularity also spawned several variations to the classic game play, adding more options to achieve victory (or suffer another loss).

Hatris. Created by the original developer of Tetris, Alexey Pazhitnov, the goal is to create a stack of five identical hats. Different hats fall into the heads at the bottom of the screen. The key is to ensure that no two heads wear the same hat. This is to ensure that the other hats will have a place to land on. It plays very loosely like solitaire with a touch of Tetris gravity.

Welltris. In this official game, players are looking down at a well with four sides. The tetrominoes can be moved and rotated at any side of the well until they reach the bottom of the well. There, they still need to form lines for them to collapse. You lose the game when you can no longer create a single line in any direction, and the blocks have nowhere else to go.

Super Tetris. Super Tetris follows the game play of the classic tetris online game and adds additional features like bombs and new shapes. There are also levels where you start with blocks already positioned at the bottom. To make them more difficult, the blocks even move up to reduce the area that you can maneuver the blocks. The bottom part usually reveals a picture when you complete a level.

Tetris Plus. With the graphics greatly improved, puzzle elements were added to the classic game play. Here, a professor walks on the blocks, and you guide him out by helping him land on an exit. You can do this by blocking his way so he can fall to the door or simply collapsing the blocks until he lands on one. The professor walks on both directions, so you need to move the tetrominoes quickly.

Tetris 2. Here, the game play gets a bit complicated; you need to match the colors of the blocks to collapse them. It is a huge step away from the original rules but still uses the same tetrominoes. Three blocks of the same color collapse; hence player rotates the tetrominoes so that they can connect them to an existing color. The color matching can still be found on current games such as Diamond Mine.

The New Tetris online game. The main new feature in this variant is the ability to form a 4 X 4 square first. If it is made with similar colors, it a monosquare and becomes gold; if a combination of colors form the square, it is called a mutisquare and is colored silver. The main goal is still to collapse a straight line, but the new square along with three-block preview makes it more challenging.

iPod Tetris. This variation does not have many game play changes compared to the original but is notable because of the difference of the controls. The click wheel is used predominantly to move and rotate the tetrominoes in the screen.

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