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Going Outside Over Comfort Zone Try Different Experience GrowFear is a funny ol’ thing; it can paralyse and prevent us from pursuing and achieving our dreams.  It leaves us feeling cold (or hot), immobilises us and causes shaking, blurry sight, muscle tremors and all sorts of other physical symptoms.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, fear is actually in your head; it is a place you have created so it therefore stands to reason it is also a place you can choose to leave anytime you like.

Leaving fear behind you is what’s commonly known as breaking out of your comfort zone.  It’s trying new things, standing out in the crowd, learning something new and not being afraid of failure or what others might think of you (and your goals).

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions known to us.  So, to assess what it is we’re afraid of, we need to identify what it is that prevents us from growing and moving forward.  Is it public speaking, is it calling leads or approaching people, is it a fear of heights?

To overcome your fear, you need to first adjust your mindset.  Expect – and if possible – embrace change.  Your mind is very powerful and by consistently focusing on positive aspects, it is possible to achieve your goals.

One great way to overcome fear and break out of your comfort zone is to begin with the end in mind.  If you know your endgame and what you need to do to achieve it, you are more likely to remain motivated and carry out the tasks regardless of fear.

My advice is to do the thing that scares you.  Do it over and over again and with time it won’t be so scary.

If you’d like to share how you’ve overcome fear and left your comfort zone, we’d love to hear from you.

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