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Easter and a Surprise for Tim

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Easter Sunday we had Joe and Monique over for brunch. We combined forces for an excellent meal that included pear stuffed french toast ala Monique! Every year Tim hates to make plans for his birthday. This year, I decided to surprise him. I bought some party supplies (including a unicorn game) and Monique made him his favorite dessert – lemon bars. We played some video games including a Karaoke game that I butchered. It was a nice relaxing day!



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At long last, we decided to get a new car. Our Volvo is nearly 20. It spent the first 10 years in Tim’s family until his parents sold it to us in 1995. After a lot of research, all done by Tim and Joe, we decided to go for the Prius, a hybrid car. We both love it! And it’s getting around 45-50 miles per gallon. Tim’s Dad wants the Volvo back so Tim will be driving it up to Oregon sometime this summer.

I had the funniest dream last night. We were at Disneyworld with Joe, Monique, David and Steven. We were going on Test Track. I’ve never been on it, but somehow, we were there. David and Steven sped off as did Joe and Monique, and Tim in separate cars. I ended up watching the race. Over the loud speaker I heard “It’s close, but the TL is ahead of the Prius”. Joe will like that…..

Goodbye Old Friend.

The Prius from all sides.


New York

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Once again I was sent to New York for business. Overall, it was an uneventful trip, but I did get a chance to see my cousin, Allison, for dinner. She and her family live in Easton, PA, which is about two hours away from the city. It was wonderful to catch up!

Every night after work, I roamed around taking pictures and seeing sites. Here are some pictures below. I also posted some pictures from a 2004 trip on flickr to the left of this entry. Tim and I visited Democracy Square right before the election.

Empire State Building. New York Public Library. Statue outside the library.

New Year’s Eve ball in Time’s Square. MTV. Time’s Square looking toward Broadway.

Two pictures of the Chrysler building at sunset.

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Le Fondue

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Last night we had dinner with Judy and Michael at a restaurant in Studio City called Le Fondue. None of us had been there before and it was quite an experience. Judy told us before we left that our clothes would smell due to the fondue oil, which was intriguing. The place itself looked like Pea Soup Anderson’s. There were giant utensils on the wall and it did reek of cooking fish. We sat down and ordered drinks and the first round arrived. Stale bread and cheese fondue that was heated by a tea light. The next round arrived with a pot of hot oil. There was meat and fish on our trays with 5 different sauces. We identified them as two different kinds of ketchup and 3 different flavors of mayonnaise. Our meal ended with chocolate fondue and fruit. I alerted the waiter that Judy celebrated a birthday that week. Over the loud speaker we heard a French version of Happy Birthday and the waiter emerged from the kitchen with a sparker stuck in to a marshmallow for Judy. She and I spotted him first and started laughing hysterically. We laughed all the way home and ended up in our apartment for a nightcap. The next morning, I noticed a smell coming from my clothes on the floor. Everything we wore stunk like oil and fish! Judy’s car was ripe too. Over the years, we’ve had strange experiences with them like this. And each time it makes me realize how much I enjoy and value their friendship. Now, I need to change my laundry for the second time as our clothes still smelled after the first washing.



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I found this picture the other day and thought it was so cute, I just had to post it. This is Harley and Tim last year. I’m sure Harley looks completely different now! He just had a birthday yesterday. He’s such a great little man.

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Like most people, I have read about the benefits of yoga. I took a class once and even though it made me feel great, I didn’t stick with it. Several years ago, my sister-in-law gave us a yoga VHS. It sat around on our book shelf until last month. There are two tapes in the set – yoga for the morning and yoga for the evening. They are both 15 minutes and include several minutes of meditation. I am so glad I finally unearthed it! Doing the tapes several times a week makes me feel great. My favorite tape is the AM yoga with Rodney Yee. He appears to be a yoga guru who was once a ballet dancer and writes for the “Yoga Journal”. The tape or DVD is only 5.00 and I would highly recommend it. Here is the amazon link:


Neighborhood Cats

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I am cat crazy! Here are two cats who live in our building. Sammy is on the left and Misha is on the right.


A few more pictures from Portland

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Here are a few more pictures from my trip.

The brick house is my parent’s house. Cherry blossoms were in full bloom. This squirrel ran from tree to tree outside my window.

Tim in front of his parent’s house. Jen and Diego at breakfast.

These are pictures of homes in historic Officer’s Row in Vancouver. Mt. Hood from a distance.


Mt. Hood

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We spent the weekend in Portland. As we left, I got this amazing shot of Mt. Hood popping through the clouds as our plane circled.

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Martin Denny

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Martin Denny, one of my favorite musicians, died on Friday March 4th. He was 93. His work is a unique lounge blend of actual animal sounds and music. I highly recommend “Exotica” and “Forbidden Island“.


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