So major promotions

  When did you
first start rapping?

I started rappin after I bought EPMD Strickly Business,
that was the first album I ever had it inspired me



If you weren’t an
artist today what would you be doing?

I’d probably be a writer or Movie director, or producer, I
love being creative bringing thoughts and ideas to life!



What do you think
is essential for an artist today to make it in the game?

Well, its the “love” for the music that makes you
eternal, that makes the people connect to you because they can feel your
genuine lyrics. They sense the authenticity in the artist & that’s what the fans connect to!



How would you explain your style?

My style is heart felt, reality based, Real hiphop! I speak my
mind despite what anyone may think! I say the thing we all think but are afraid
to say! I represent everyone from the average working man to the street hustler
just trying to survive by any means necessary! I am the voice of the underdog,
the eyes of the streets, the representative for the guys in the beast! I Speak
for Us!!



What separates you from other artists?

Reality!! The Majority of today’s artist sell you fantasy, I give
you reality, in its rawest form, sometimes it’s harsh, and sometimes its
pleasant but its always real and heartfelt!



Who are your top five greatest artists of all time dead or alive?

Rakim , KRS 1, Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z



Where do you think Hip Hop will be in the next 10

I have no idea!! Hiphop has lately been replaced with Rap!! Rap is
just words that rhyme, Hiphop are words that connect and have substance! Every
word that 1 of my favorite artists ever used was to paint a picture or evoke an
emotion! Hopefully artists will remember that and it will be better than Ever!



Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I will be on the forefront of the hiphop revolution!
Because I’m building a congregation right now that will be so big in 5 years,
the radio or the record labels won’t have any control over my success!



What projects do you currently have going on?

Right now I have a single Deal with SRC and I’m working my single
“Thing’s That Make You Go Hmmm” and the Remix feat Jim Jones and Nore
is currently getting some spins on the radio and the video will be out After
Christmas. I’m also working on My Gangsta Grillz that will be hosted by Dj
Drama called “The Definition of A “G”



Shout out and salute…

to all my Autobots world wide !! (those who aren’t familiar with
that Autobots-are all the real good hearted authentic strong willed People!)
Shouts to the whole Bang Bang Boogie Free S1 and Hocus 45th, X., Reg On The
Rocks Ent! U.S Ent!

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