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stepUP Pakistan Launches Dost!

We all want a friend who is patient and kind; is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish and not quick to take offense. But most of all, we want someone who LISTENS to us without judging us. Someone we can talk to about simply ANYTHING and expect an honest response.

Launched in pilot phase on December 13th 2011, StepUP Pakistan launched its most successful project to date, eliciting an amazing outcome. The idea was simple yet effective: a place where anyone could anonymously share their problems and receive helpful advice in order to deal with that problem, absolutely free and with no strings attached whatsoever. In a society like ours where a lot of common predicaments faced by the general population, especially the youth; are considered to be taboos and their discussion is usually discouraged, if not out-rightly forbidden; there was always a serious need for something like DOST. Thus the StepUP Pakistan Team took it upon itself to build an interactive platform on the StepUP Pakistan website for this purpose. That was the easy part.

The hard part was organizing what was soon to become a hailstorm different questions coming in from all over the country from people belonging to every gender, race and social background and then classifying them into broad categories. Each category was given over to certain senior members of the StepUP Team from where each question was carefully thought over and relevant advice written down and e-mailed back to the sender. 

The Dost Team neither aims for nor expects the questioners to act exactly on the advice that it gives, instead, their purpose is to provide a number of alternatives for the asker to consider to make their problem at least a little easier and to help them move on with their lives. We would like to thank all our team members for the work they have put in. 

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