Liver Cancer Common Symptoms

Unusual collection of cells in some parts of the body is termed as tumor. If this lump of cells is painful, it further develops in to cancer. There are more than 100 types of cancer in humans. Liver cancer is one of them. The main problem with the cancer is that the symptoms and signs of the disease do not show up until it reaches a later stage. At times, they may show up sooner.

It is always good to report to your doctor as soon as you first see the symptoms of any type of cancer in your body. Cancer at earlier stages is curable and chances of surviving liver cancer increase. The symptoms for liver cancer often include:

Loss in weight without any effort to lose it
The patient does not feel appetite for food. It is decreased to the minimum.
Vomiting might occur as a symptom of liver cancer
The liver might be enlarged and the patient feels a huge mass under the right ribs.
The spleen might also be enlarged, will also feel like a heavy mass on the left side of the body.
A pain might appear in the abdomen area of the body or near the right shoulder.
The abdomen might swell.
Itching might start on the body.
The skin and eyes might turn yellow.
Other symptoms include enlargement of the veins in the belly region that might be visible through the skin accompanied by fever.Liver produces a number of hormones that regulate the functions of other body organs. A cancerous liver will produce hormones that might cause high calcium level in the blood.

This will result into confusion, stomach problems like constipation, weakness and other muscle problems. It can also reduce sugar level in the blood resulting into fatigue or faintness. Breast enlargement in women and shrinking or testicles in men might also occur.

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