Understanding Cancer Treatments and Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Many males face difficulty of maintaining or obtaining erection after they are treated of cancer. Hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and medicines all affect the person’s capacity to erection causing erectile dysfunction (ED). Impotence leads to significant anxiety and angst among men and their partner. Some stop trying to have intercourse all together while doing nothing about finding the answer. Even men cured of cancer can encounter such issues. But they can be treated with Forzest tablets, vacuum constriction device, penile implants, lifestyle changes, and other methods.


A surgery of pelvis can alter the blood vessels and nerves involved in procedure of causing erection. Even if nerve-sparing technique is done, some amount of damage is made to the penile nerves. For males who undergo cancer surgery at the pelvis can take at least 2 years to recover their natural erectile function on help of Kamagra tablets, exercises, or other ways as suggested by the doctors.

The seminal vesicles and prostate release fluid that are part of ejaculation, and pelvic cancer surgery may result in damage or removal of nerves that contribute to its function. This may issue dry ejaculations in men, which are not at all harmful but does influence ability to receive orgasm.

Radiation Therapy

Impotence may affect men after prostate cancer radiation therapy, which can extend up until a year or more. Risks to developing ED increases as the person ages. Those with poor erectile health prior to the treatment are at higher risks of getting impotence. The radiation on pelvis can mar seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and impact hard on, ejaculation. Doctors can prescribe oral PDE5 inhibitor Forzest 20mg to sustain hard on, but a natural healing is what will give the best result to the individual in future.

Hormone and Chemotherapy

Hormone therapy is a common prostate cancer treatment, which can cause loss of sexual desire, another culprit in erectile dysfunction, also affecting orgasm capacity. It develops slowly over few months of the therapy, and can stay for a while until testosterone gets back to normalcy level. If the sexual desire is not affected, but ED is present the person can get erection using Kamagra pills. Chemotherapy may not lead to impotence but can affect the desire for intimacy, which can be recovered.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

As ED is a common problem later to prostate cancer treatment, there are solutions for the same as well. Doctors themselves these days analyze the sexual health of the person throughout the regimen and after to address impotence, if any. The available treatments of different types, some suit patients better than they suit other men. However, all of these are directed towards ensuring erection capacity. Here are following alternatives to look into for impotence remedy after cancer treatment.

* Vacuum Constrictive Device (VCD): It is a pump device place on the penile organ. The air is pumped away from cylinder as blood draws in the reproductive organ leading to a hard on. A ring is slid over the base of organ to amass the blood in for up to half an hour.

* Oral Medications: There are number medications available to help males attain and maintain hard on. These are oral PDE5 inhibitors, which dilate reproductive arteries and supply more blood to the penile extremes, relaxing the muscles to assist getting and keeping erections for hours together.

* Penile Injections: Alike oral medicine, these are active ingredients directly injected in the side of the reproductive organ to facilitate blood flow. A common injection Prostaglandin E1 can be taken.

* Muse System: In the remedy Prostaglandin E1 is used but a pellet, form medicine is put in the urethra unlike injection to enhance erection power in men.

* Penile Implants: Three types of penile prosthesis are available, which are malleable rods inserted in the penile organ as replacement to erection. Some of these can be inflated and deflated at will.

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