Some Common Diseases In Women

Women have typical features that are different from men so they also have typical diseases. The following is common diseases in women.

1. Hair loss

Hair loss happens in both women and men but it seems to be more common in women. There are a lot of reasons leading to hair loss in women. What are they? They may be heredity, bad living conditions, bad habits, use of a special medical treatments, abuse of chemical substances, etc. Notwithstanding any reason, hair loss is getting more and more popular in women and makes many of them worried very much.

Hair affects our appearance much especially women so it is very important to find efficient methods to get over and prevent hair loss.

2. Breast cancer

Breast cancer is said to be the most common cancer in the world in women and kills many women every year. There are many causes of this disease but it is said that stress in work also increases the risk of getting breast cancer. This statement from scientists raises a big concern among women because nowadays people are busier and busier leading to the appearance of serious stress.

3. Cervical cancer

This is a very typical disease of women. Cervical cancer is also one of the most common diseases in the world, just after breast cancer. The rate of women getting cervical cancer is increasing rapidly. The main reason of getting cervical cancer is infection with HPV. This kind of virus appears with big amount especially after the first sexual intercourse. Even after the operation to cut a part of cervix, HPV can still come back so it is necessary for patients to go to the doctor regularly after being operated.

4. Female diseases

Recently, scientists said that serious stress also leads to female diseases. One of the biggest difficulties for women in facing with these diseases is that they much easily recur. Many women catch female diseases from their husband through sexual intercourses. Therefore, in order to remove those diseases completely, not only the woman but her spouse also has to try much to find efficient treatments. Sexual intercourses should be avoided until the two persons are surely free from those diseases.

Whenever seeing a symptom of female diseases, women should come to the doctor immediately so that they can be treated soon. Do not hesitate for any reasons or the disease will be come much more serious and at that time the treatment will be much more expensive and harder.

5. Anemia

Due to having periods every month, diet and the vocation of bearing children, anemia becomes a common disease in women. One of the simplest ways to recover from anemia is eating foods with high level of iron every day. Foods that have much iron are soybeans, beef, etc. Anemia can cause many bad effects on women’s body and lead to other complications like headache, vertigo, low blood pressure, physical depression, etc. As a result, women having anemia will not gain successes in study, work and other fields of life.

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