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Oranges are one the best fruits to eat to get Vitamin C. There are different types, such as navel and tangerines. It is recommended that a person eat at least one a day. Just one orange provides 100 percent of vitamin c. Oranges also have zinc, vitamin a and b, potassium, folic acid, and iron, just to name a few. Oranges have been known to help or prevent a range of medical illnesses, such as high blood pressure and cancer. In order to get the benefits, it is important to eat one orange a day…. Read Article →

Many males face difficulty of maintaining or obtaining erection after they are treated of cancer. Hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and medicines all affect the person’s capacity to erection causing erectile dysfunction (ED). Impotence leads to significant anxiety and angst among men and their partner. Some stop trying to have intercourse all together while doing nothing about finding the answer. Even men cured of cancer can encounter such issues. But they can be treated with Forzest tablets, vacuum constriction device, penile implants, lifestyle changes, and other methods. Surgery A surgery of pelvis can alter… Read Article →

A vital component in maintaining your overall good health and general well-being is the reduction in your body of excess fat. Not only does this make you look and feel pretty good, but it can also massively reduce your risk of life-threatening illnesses. Current studies put the figures in the US of overweight and obesity at record levels. As much as 70% in some areas of the population is overweight, with 20% of the population as a whole falling into the category of obese. Excess body fat is a major factor in serious physical ailments… Read Article →

Anyone can have a hand in cancer prevention. All you have to do is look for ways to make healthier decisions for you and your family. This could mean eating more servings of fruits and vegetables or steering clear of harmful second-hand smoke. Taking a step back and finding areas to change can be the most challenging part of fighting cancer. When you take the bait to become healthier, remember to tailor your program to fit specific needs for your body. The first step in the fight against cancer is to take a look at… Read Article →

Health reasons are often the number one reason people give for wanting to quit smoking – and it is certainly the best reason. In fact, smoking causes a wide variety of illnesses to basically every part of the body. In addition, there are nearly 440,000 cigarette related deaths in the United States every year – more than car accidents, alcohol, AIDS, suicide, illegal drugs, and homicide combined. Respiratory Diseases Smoking essentially causes many differing sorts of lunch illnesses, for example lung cancer, emphysema, and determined bronchitis. Emphysema and prolonged bronchitis are usually also experienced together… Read Article →

Canine leukemia is a frequent occurrence in family pets. The disease is a type of cancer that is found primarily in the blood and is directly tied into a high increase in white blood cells. These cells start out in the bone marrow. This is where the red blood cells begin to form and the white blood cells will attempt to attack them as they are forming. This type of cellular mutation is a genetic malfunction that is not just in canines, but in cats and humans as well. When you take your dog into… Read Article →

Candida albicans, a diploid asexual fungus, is fond of warm moist areas and starts multiplying very rapidly when it is able to find such an area within a human or an animal body. It is mainly responsible for vaginal yeast infection among women. The vaginal area becomes sore and takes on a flaming red color with a constant burning and itching sensation. If a vaginal yeast infection is really severe, the vulva gets swollen and the woman starts urinating frequently. Seventy five percent of women the world over suffer at some point of time in… Read Article →

Unusual collection of cells in some parts of the body is termed as tumor. If this lump of cells is painful, it further develops in to cancer. There are more than 100 types of cancer in humans. Liver cancer is one of them. The main problem with the cancer is that the symptoms and signs of the disease do not show up until it reaches a later stage. At times, they may show up sooner. It is always good to report to your doctor as soon as you first see the symptoms of any type… Read Article →

Nighttime heartburn affects millions of people around the world. The symptoms of nighttime heartburn are not only painful and discomforting; but more importantly they lead to a restless night of sleep. Several nights of interrupted sleep leads to fatigue and affects all aspects of one’s life – professional and family. Occasionally some sufferers of nighttime heartburn may face sharp pain in the chest area. These frightening sensations in the middle of the night may be mistaken for the onset of a heart attack. Instead of suffering needlessly, a heartburn sufferer can take some immediate steps… Read Article →

Often, as a result of disease or injury, all or a part of the orbital contents, or the parts that make up the eye, must be removed. Depending on the degree of damage that the eye has sustained, there are three different eye removal surgeries that may be appropriate. These surgeries are evisceration, enucleation, and exenteration. Evisceration When an eye is removed via evisceration, the inner contents of the eye are removed, but the sclera is left intact. The sclera is outer layer of the eye globe, commonly called the “white of the eye.” An… Read Article →