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Easter and a Surprise for Tim Filed under Uncategorized on Thursday March 31, 2005 at 6:31 pm Easter Sunday we had Joe and Monique over for brunch. We combined forces for an excellent meal that included pear stuffed french toast ala Monique! Every year Tim hates to make plans for his birthday. This year, I decided to surprise him. I bought some party supplies (including a unicorn game) and Monique made him his favorite dessert – lemon bars. We played some video games including a Karaoke game that I butchered. It was a nice relaxing… Read Article →

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Jill Day, CDA Jill moved home to Omaha from Seattle after serving in the U.S. Navy as a Dental Tech. She was surprised, and shocked, to discover that there was not an agency doing placement services in Omaha!! And helped RJ Solutions take a leap of faith that other dental assistants and dental auxillaries were going to see our services as a tool to keeping and finding a great dental office or clinic to be a productive team member of. As a Burke High Alumni Class of 86′ and lover of Nebraska Football finding family time is important to her. Having… Read Article →

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