James E. Charos 7552 Whispering Wind Drive ¨ Land O’ Lakes, FL  34637 USA Tel:  +1-813-995-0459 ¨ Mobile: +1-609-532-3914 ¨ Email:  [email protected] EXECUTIVE PROFILE Offering 20 years of broad-based management experience in the b-to-b arena, combining sales, marketing, and organizational skills in challenging, multi-tasking situations and deadline-oriented environments.  Successful in using consultative approach to access key decision makers and create synergistic relationships.  Strong ability to plan and organize business activities while keeping efficient control of financial and personnel resources.  Wide-ranging international experience.  Areas of expertise include: ¨ Special event planning, sales & management ¨ Budget… Read Article →

The latest stroke of genius in the world of mobile technology and wireless connectivity is probably going to stir some debates.   The question is in reference to what exactly a waiter or waitress brings to the table?  The most obvious answer is food, but what about personality, information, and recommendations.  The answer for diners of Do in Atlanta, or Los Santos of New York City would be an iPad.  Do we have your attention yet?  These two restaurants have decided a digital menu delivered by wait staff is the right move for their particular dining… Read Article →

By admin, on February 25th, 2011 If you’re an espresso drinker, the invention of the espresso pod could be the best thing since sliced bread. These pods are preground and premeasured espresso coffee in a paper pouch. What does this mean for the drinkers of this beverage? Most you need to do is pop one of these pods into your machine and your next cup of deliciousness is seconds away. These pods are cost effective, easier to use, and easy to find. How could an espresso pod be cost effective? They have the exact amount… Read Article →

Sort by:Best Match | Time Left | Price: Lowest First | Price: Highest First   Items Per Page:50 | All (100) Krups ll Caff Bistro 867 Coffee & Espresso Maker – Black Krups ll Caff Bistro 867 Coffee & Espresso Maker – Black $29.95$64.95  Time Left: 22h 44m 19s KRUPS 4 cup Black Espresso Carafe 171 865 866 867 871 872 963 972 985 987 KRUPS 4 cup Black Espresso Carafe 171 865 866 867 871 872 963 972 985 987 1.99 Time Left: 6d 3h 13m KRUPS 865 866 867 Black 10 Cup Coffee Carafe Pot… Read Article →

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All right, it’s been a long day at Rock Solid Drupal with the Lullabots.  And probably the one during which I’ve seen the most dramatic changes in what is possible in creating the right sort of environment for a drupal site to really scream.   So far, it’s pretty much about setting up the right environment for Drupal, taking advantage of built-in performance enhancement tools in Drupal, and even using a souped up special distribution of Drupal — an excellent configuration with some custom modifications and performance enhancements called Pressflow, which was created by a Drupal shop called Four Kitchens…. Read Article →

Fear is a funny ol’ thing; it can paralyse and prevent us from pursuing and achieving our dreams.  It leaves us feeling cold (or hot), immobilises us and causes shaking, blurry sight, muscle tremors and all sorts of other physical symptoms. That’s the bad news. The good news is, fear is actually in your head; it is a place you have created so it therefore stands to reason it is also a place you can choose to leave anytime you like. Leaving fear behind you is what’s commonly known as breaking out of your comfort… Read Article →

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